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Here’s what a few of our current and former employees have to say about us:

“Yesterday all the teams in my department had a presentation, just an informal review of activities handled by each of the teams. Our GM wanted to have a general idea of each team’s contribution. The first team began by stating that they prepare 15-16 reports daily. Our GM’s next 5 questions were: ‘Why are we preparing so many reports? How much time is spent on these reports? Do they serve any purpose? Are you preparing these reports just because they have been prepared historically? Can you cut it down to 5 daily reports?’

For a fraction of a second I felt as if I was in front of Mr. Sahni, discussing a case, and I couldn’t help smiling. After that point, whatever our GM said, I realized that I already knew most of it. Fortunately our team did not have to answer any such questions. Thanks to the training received from Mr. Sahni during my articleship days, I am a few steps ahead at my new job.”
- Asmita Bedekar

“I've cleared my CA Final exams, and I would like to thank Mr. Sahni, because I could not have achieved it without his support and training. Working with him has been inspiring, it taught me what otherwise would have been difficult to comprehend.”
- Nikhil Kulkarni

“I feel really blessed to have been trained by Mr. Sahni, it has made me the person that I am. I think of him more as a mentor than a boss. Whatever I achieve in the future, I will never forget the part that he has played in helping me reach there.”
- Sameer Jawahrani

“I was recently reviewed by my senior, and he was very happy with my work. I told him that a lot of the credit goes to Mr. Sahni. I consider myself lucky to have got a chance to work with Mr. Sahni.”
- Viraj Keer

“I have always appreciated the advice that I have received from Mr. Sahni, and am really grateful that I worked with him, because it has taught me to be professional, it has taught me to deal with people better, and to carry myself with confidence. I am a different person from who I was 3 years ago. People around me also appreciate this positive change, and I now realize that I have learnt the smallest thing, such as switching off the monitor when I am not at my desk to the biggest - which is staying motivated and confident in all aspects of my life.”
- Aditya Gupta

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