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Sukhbir Sahni  

Mr. Sahni’s passion is to constantly acquire new skills and knowledge in order to offer value to clients, colleagues and associates. He began his dynamic career by securing the 2nd rank in the CA Final exam of 1985. Although there were several employment offers from premier companies, Mr. Sahni was very clear that he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Born into a business family that had to migrate during the Indo-Pakistan partition, he was no stranger to hard work, and very aware of the challenges and rewards of running a family business. He was, however, determined to be a success on his own terms.

Having worked for several years as a professor and free-lancing CA, he came onboard GPS & Associates as partner in 1990, and was instrumental in boosting the CA firm’s growth. Mr. Sahni also played a pivotal role in establishing an accounting software company as a partner of TCS, even though he had no formal training in software development.

In 2005, he began an association with a premier Healthcare Group based in UK. As the firm’s virtual CFO, he had the opportunity to advise several business ventures in UK, USA, Egypt, Russia, South Africa, Indonesia, Nigeria, Ghana, Iran, Germany and Austria. Mr. Sahni was a stranger to many of these countries, but was resourceful and innovative in finding solutions to set up and consolidate operations in each of them. Today his consulting assignments range across businesses in the USA, UK, UAE, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Saudi Arabia.

In 2012, he has ventured into his private practice by establishing Sukhbir & Associates.

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