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Case Studies
1. Structuring a family business
The family was engaged in an orthodox business, and already had a CA for Audit and tax matters. The business was growing, but they had no idea how to channelize this growth. We got involved as Internal Auditors, designed MIS and our work engendered enough trust for them to include us in the management. At present we function as the management think tank, with Mr. Sahni as the Board Advisor who provides inputs on long-term strategy, diversification and funding options. Mr. Sahni also participates in the implementation of the Family Constitution and corporate governance.

2. Creation of an Indian owned MNC
The family owned business is headquartered in London. Mr. Sahni came onboard as Virtual CFO, enabling the formation of subsidiaries in various countries and implementing an ERP system in the headquarters. Periodic visits to HQ and all subsidiaries by Mr. Sahni help improve the internal control systems. All companies in the group send their MIS to us and we also participate in board meetings as Board Advisors.

3. Start-up of MNC subsidiary in India
We participated in obtaining the FIPB approval and set up the accounting office, helped recruit the accounting and administration team, and defined all the internal control systems in the company. Even today we interact with VAT, Excise and Customs consultants to resolve critical issues, thus acting as a Management Resource for the company, continuing as internal auditors and Income Tax consultants.

4. Virtual CFO of Indian company
We helped establish this first generation entrepreneur company, supporting them in the initial stages, helping resolve many organizational and teething troubles and keeping the company afloat. When the company faced challenges due to shrinking business, Mr. Sahni headed the exercise to analyze the profitability of each division, created an MIS for each and set budgets and accountability for the heads, in order to turn the business around.

5. From Partnership firm to Private Equity
The partnership firm was formed by 2 technocrats who had a conservative approach. As a result growth was lacking. We helped in expanding the business by facilitating bank finance and introduced them to the concept of Private Equity. The promoters exited at a very healthy price, while continuing as senior executives / directors in the company.

6. Creating Entrepreneurs
Several competent professionals have begun their relationship with us merely to file income tax returns. With our encouragement and guidance, they have set up entrepreneurial ventures and we continue to serve as part of their management think tank

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